White Blocks

White Blocks

The White Block is the most modern type of blocks in our world because of its advantages make it the first choice and the best in the field of construction in terms of being an environment friendly and energy provider and provider of money and saves the time needed for construction.


Thermal Insulation

White blocks insulation reduce the energy needed for heating or cooling. You can use air conditioners with small capacity, thus reducing the cost of electricity consumption and saving about 60% of the electricity bill.

The thermal conductivity of the white brick insulation

 . (0.144 W / meters)


Lightweight Block

The density of the insulating white blocks is 500 kg / m3. The weight of the insulating white blocks is less than one third of the weight of the regular cement blocks.

The lightweight weight of the white insulating block reduces the need to use other materials in construction such as iron and concrete and reduces the space and time required for construction.

The light weight of the white insulating blocks ensures that you get 20-25% of the amount of concrete in the structure.


Optimum fire resistance

The White blocks insulation in the Shamlan factories are made of organic materials against fire and flammability, so that if they are directly exposed to fire, no toxic fumes can rise, and the fire can be confined separately from the other places for its great fire resistance.

 A wall of 15 cm Fire for more than 7 hours.


Easy expansions

It is easy to make ducts and channels on shamlan blocks for installations of electric wirings and hygiene, this without loss in bricks or need for re-plastering for areas has been drilled.


Sound Insulation

The white insulation blocks have high insulation ability, isolating 42 dB of sound for a 20 cm wall.


Susceptibility for plastering and coating

The insulating white block of the Shamlan factories are different from others.

  With flat roughness and this facilitates the process of softness and external sprinklers as well as external finishes such as marble, stone and others.


Easy cutting

You can cut the White blocks insulation with the simplest manual tools such as hand saw or electrolyte finely, so that the dead in the white blocks insulation is no or very little.

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