Volcanic Block

Volcanic Block

The volcanic volcanic material is made of buzlan, which is inorganic, harmless, non-combustible and non-toxic.

Specification of volcanic block from Shamlan blocks company:


Thermal insulation:

Volcanic block has low  coefficient of thermal conductivity, worth 0.125 W / m K, which gives a high thermal isolation works to reduce the transmission of heat from the outside of the building to inside and opposite.



Volcanic block has a bearing power more than the red block becomes of the use of automated production system.



Spaces full of Air in buzolan material reducing weight in volcanic block. Where the weight of volcanic block is the same weight of red block.


Sound Insulation:

Volcanic block helps in absorption of sound waves, which reduces acoustic in the walls and ceilings and the degree of noise 3_6 db.


Resistance to salinity:

Buzolan material used in making volcanic block resistant to sulfate salts.


Ease filler:

Volcanic block does not need large amount of mortar because of roughness surface leads to strong and fast filler.


Optimum fire resistance:

Volcanic block helps to decrease transmission of fire because Buzolan material has a good proportion of Silica and Alumina resistance to fusion.


Protection of Nature:

Buzolan material is a natural substance and harmless, in organic and do not have side effects on health as it does not export gas when exposed to heat.

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